Responsible's CEO Mark Dowds selected as part of the Endeavor program


Responsible's Mark Dowds has been selected as part of the Endeavor program 2024, along with 4 other tech entrepreneurs. Chaired in Ireland by U2's The Edge, Endeavor aims to connect CEOs with mentorship and talent to guide and propel the next generation of Irish tech companies. 

Endeavour is a global not-for-profit organisation started 27 years ago in latin America by Linda Rottenberg, founded with the core mission of propelling entrepreneurialism in geographies where opportunity and resource are not equally distributed. Endeavor's ethos hinges on the concept of "Paying it forward". This community value is underpinned by their idea of the 'multiplier effect', which in it's very essence is the seeding and nurturing of entrepreneurial ecosystems which bare fruit in the form of "job creation, innovation and community transformation".

According to Endeavor's research, they've shown that 'it takes just a few successful companies with a Multiplier mindset to jumpstart an ecosystem'. It is with this in mind that sees all 5 founders in this years program spring from Northern Ireland. 

Speaking to Responsible this week, Endeavor's Ireland said that the program aims to deliver “bespoke servicing for each founder” created from identifying areas for growth and then pairing the founders with mentors in the program globally. 

Responsible's CEO, Mark Dowds, is excited to embark on the program over the next 5 months which will involve both individual mentoring, and group session with his fellow founders. 


Read more about Endeavor's ethos and the Multiplier effect here: